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The photos posted on this gallery are all copyright by David Elmore. All are available for printing at no extra charge through the companion site, and full resolution image files are available for purchase.


Contact us if you have any questions.

Ordering prints

If you want to order prints on, you should first add to your cart (from the gallery page that has the full image view) and checkout. Explain in the box during checkout what you want. There will be no charge at this time but your request and shopping cart list of images will be transmitted to We will respond with an invoice containing details of your order.

Ordering digital image files

If you want full image files for printing yourself, you should first add to your cart and checkout. State your requested use in the comments box at checkout. We will reply promptly by email with purchasing information.


Albums are arranged in a tree structure below the top of the gallery. There can be several sub-albums before you have an album with photos. Click on the thumbnail for an album to see what is in that album. Click on the thumbnail for an image to see a large version of that image. You can identify albums by the stacked-photo frame. Thumbnails for sister albums and photos (albums and photos at the same level in the tree) are shown on the left along with the title and description of the current album which is identified by a white frame.

Slide show

Slide shows are a great feature of these galleries. If there are photos (not just sub-albums) in the current album, you can view them in a slide show. You can adjust the viewing time, image size, and transition effect by clicking on "show tools". We recommend that you change to full screen (press F11 on Windows) for the best viewing experience. When done with the show, press F11 again to get your header, then use the back button on your browser.


You can rate any photo by clicking on one of the stars (5 stars is the highest rating). You may rate a photo only once. Your ratings are shown by gold filled-in stars. The blue bar indicates the average rating by all who rated. You can show the highest rated photos by clicking on the star in the upper left corner of the page.

Popular photos

The number of views (that is, large-photo views) is shown for each photo. You can display the most popular photos by clicking on the eye icon in the upper left.


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